Thursday, 12 February 2015

Revenge Of The Chickens

9 June 2013

Upset at the continued barricade of their access to the verandah, where, they believe, any self-respecting chicken should spend the majority of their time, Radish, Anzac and The Snork Maiden have taken matters into their own claws. With only 5 acres on which to roam at will, they have instituted retaliatory action, and set up camp in the garage. They are planning a Perch-In in this location, during which they intend to deposit as much chicken-waste-product as possible, for maximum annoyance value. In readiness for this they have been practising clucking what they believe to be an original, and persuasive chant – “The Chickens, United, Will never be defeated”…ad nauseam….just another normal day at Joyfallee.

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