Thursday, 5 February 2015

Razor wire

7 March 2013

Radish-the-Resident-Chicken is surprised by the construction of the seemingly endless Chicken-Proof-Fence on the verandah at Joyfallee. She finds it difficult to understand why the presence of chickens camped permanently at the front door (complete with generous quantities of chicken poo) would not be welcomed and indeed encouraged.

In retaliation she is intending to stage a protest, based on the theme of “Ban the Razor Wire at Joyfallee”. She is fairly sure she can attract wide media interest in her cause, with possible features in internationally acclaimed publications like “Hills Rural Community News”.

If she is not successful in her campaign, visitors to Joyfallee who want to gain access to the house may do well to pick up some tips from Les Miserables on storming barricades.

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