Saturday, 4 March 2017

Reality bites

3 March 2016

Thank you Service NSW – my loss of self-esteem at your hands is now complete. Following on from the Great Driver’s Licence debacle, which saw me issued with a photo licence that records in devastatingly accurate detail each wrinkle, line and multiple under-eye bags, I ventured back to Service NSW today. My mission was to purchase a new, shiny Opal card. I entered, confident in the knowledge that no cameras and images recorded for posterity would be involved. I was greeted by a friendly, smiling Service NSW lady, who enquired how she could help me. I replied I wanted an Opal card. Quick as a flash she was ready with her next helpful question “Adult or Senior?”….I valiantly tried to keep a smile as I responded with a subdued “Adult”, and hoped I was only imagining an expression of incredulity that appeared to flicker across her face. 

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