Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Study trip to Cuba

26 May 2015

Photo courtesy Comrade Claire
Report filed by Comrade Claire on her return from a mission to Cuba:
I am pleased to report that I have held high-level talks with several of Milky Way's bretheren in Cuba. The details of the sensitive information I have uncovered has of course been sent via carrier pigeon to avoid it falling into the wrong hands.
Clearly, our Cuban friends are far more advanced in their reverence of our feathered friends - as can be seen by the fine sculpture paying homage in one of the most prestigious squares in Havana...
Proud to be of service - larga vida a la revoluciĆ³n!
Response from Joyfallee:
Comrade Claire – Milky Way is so very impressed with your outstanding service! The information gleaned will be invaluable in furthering the functioning of the Chicken Commune at Joyfallee. In recognition of your efforts, Milky Way wants to honour you with the inaugural “Chickeny Order of Valour”, which will naturally consist of an ornate feathery arrangement. She trusts you will wear it with pride.

….the visual intelligence gathered would indicate that, in some communes at least, chickens are enlisted for dressage duties. Milky Way and her comrades are considering this information with some trepidation, given the reports from Willo on his take on life as a dressage participant.

How to Make a Chicken Salad
Painting by Sandy Gaffney

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