Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Radish dreams of glory (again)

30 June 2012

Radish-the-Resident-Chicken takes the "resident" part a little too literally and believes that, with 5 acres over which to roam, all self respecting chickens should spend 99.9% of their time at the front door of the "Big House" (and leave copious amounts of chicken by-products as testament to the time spent there). 

Regrettably she has caught sight of the rabbit show jumps set up indoors for the entertainment of Chocolate Bunny. She is considering trying to pass for a rabbit (obviously pretending that her wings are ears), so that she can enter rabbit show jumping events. She figures that she will be a shoo-in to win all of these competitions as she will be able to fly over all the jumps (cleverly disguising her wings as madly flapping "ears")...she has visions of Olympic glory and is checking out cheap flights to London.

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