Saturday, 2 September 2017

Senior moment

27 May 2016
The dwindling self-esteem that accompanies my descent into incredibly old age continues apace. During a meeting with a (young) superannuation adviser (..a pointless exercise, as it turns out I will very likely have to work until I am approximately 97), I explained my (rather expensive) lifestyle included supporting my horses in the manner to which they have become accustomed. At the end of the meeting he politely asked who rode these horses of mine…and almost managed to hide his disbelief when I told it was me. He was clearly under the impression that someone of my advanced years would be incapable of even clambering aboard a horse, let alone embark on steering this long-suffering horse around a dressage arena. I was tempted to show him the video of me and Willo galloping flat out…but thankfully  realised in time that this may just have cemented his view of the unlikelihood of a person of my advanced years having any abilities at all in the equestrian sphere. 

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