Saturday, 13 May 2017


13 May 2016

Willo is rather fond of his new paddock chum. She is to be seen in close proximity for most of the daylight hours. He did, however, ask Hildegard to look up the nesting habits of the Cattle Egret in her bird identification App, being a little suspicious that his new mate may be eyeing him off as a handy location for above-ground dwelling. He was less than flattered with the information that the Cattle Egret is often to be found (perhaps unsurprisingly) with cattle. He also found little comfort in the entry on nesting habits which recorded “shallow platform nests in trees and shrubs”. With Willo’s past history of trying to camouflage himself as a tree, for the purposes of avoiding work, he is concerned that he will be mistaken for a perfect nesting site. 

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