Monday, 27 February 2017

Episode 2: Driver’s licence renewal for the elderly

17 February 2016

Having come to terms with the fact that my incredible age renders me ineligible for a 10 year driver’s licence, I venture into Services NSW to complete the (rather short 5 year) renewal. The quick and friendly service are an unexpected joy. It is only at the picture taking stage that the cold hand of reality taps on my shoulder. When I wittily quip to the helpful service person that I hope he has taken a good picture (this is probably the 305th time he has heard this today, but he retains his composure and smile) he assures me that it is and offers to show me on the screen. The face that greets me surely belongs to 1. A serial killer and  2. A person of such advanced age that they couldn’t be trusted to live much beyond 6 months…leaving me reluctantly to agree with the policy of 5 year maximum licence. If I manage, against the odds, to survive to the next licence renewal, I might ask if it’s possible to have the ID picture taken while wearing very large and very dark glasses.. and possibly a paper bag.

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