Friday, 26 August 2016

Holiday tales

13 August 2015

As is normally the case for those returning from holidays, Chocolate Bunny has had to catch up on some washing. His pilgrimage to the Heart of the Golden West was all he had hoped for and more. As is his wont, he excitedly recounted his exploits, for the benefit of the chickens, virtually without drawing breath – no mean feat for an asthmatic rabbit. He described in minute detail every aspect of his trip. The highlight was a visit from an artist who had been inspired to paint him atop a mound of Easter eggs (Choccy refrained from telling her that whilst he very much liked the painting, he would have preferred to be placed amidst a mountain of bananas).

With their new, kindly, communal way of life, the chickens listened politely until their eyes glazed over and their combs drooped . At the point where Choccy brandished the i-phone to show pictures of his meals that he hadn’t got around to posting on Facebook (think views of parsley and basil at various jaunty angles),  they were forced to find excuses to leave - such as a pressing need to go and moult. It took Choccy some hours of rabbiting on to notice that he had an audience of approximately none. 

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