Friday, 1 April 2016

In sickness and in health

10 April 2015

As I looked out my window yesterday, there was one less chicken scratching around in the sun. Princess Sparkles was in the chicken hospital, fighting to hang on to life. She had a severe tracheal obstruction which left her gasping for air and her comb turning blue. After x-rays, a tube was inserted into an air sac to help her breathe, along with other treatment, but her Chicken Vet did not hold out much hope for her surviving.

Today, miracle of miracles, she is bright and eating and home (albeit with a wheeze and the breathing tube still in place). The Chicken Vet warned that she may lose her Top Chook position while she convalesces, but Princess Sparkles is made of sterner stuff. She has been happily pecking her chicken mates when they eat too much of her special treats designed to aid her recovery. We at Joyfallee are very happy (the happiness level of some residents being somewhat influenced by their access to chicken treats). 

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