Saturday, 6 June 2015

Getting their claws dirty

18 January 2014

Having received an apology in quadruplicate for their unjustifiable confinement, Anzac and The Snork Maiden are now prepared to abandon their sit-in and take up some useful tasks around Joyfallee. In response to bribes of copious quantities of rolled oats, they have agreed to till the soil on the new veggie patch. They were also lured away from their sit-in by a desire to check out holiday brochures to Hawaii, which they are keenly perusing, egged on by suggestions they found while browsing facebook. 

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  1. After a social media bombardment of holiday suggestions, the chickens have now given up any pretence at doing work and are totally absorbed in the 652 holiday brochures for far flung lands that they ordered online from a chicken holiday tour company.

    Radish is nowhere to be seen near the veggie patch because she has discovered that life with a cocktail by the pool is preferable to manual labour.