Friday, 22 May 2015

And now, from stage left . . . . .

11 January 2014

Radish, The Snork Maiden and Anzac are less than pleased at being confined to barracks today. They see nothing wrong with their behaviour of yesterday afternoon, which saw them evading all the attempts of a deranged chicken wrangler (who shall remain nameless) to get them to come home early (to allow the chicken wrangler to go out to dinner). They quite enjoyed listening to, and ignoring, the chicken wrangler’s increasingly high pitched, cajoling, 5-acre cries of “here chick chick chickeny chick” etc etc. They were less enthused when the obviously mentally unhinged chicken wrangler resorted to pursuing them armed with a long pool scoop. Anzac in particular is nursing a bruised ego after having been captured by the aforementioned pool scoop. …Neighbours to Joyfallee continue to be treated to hours of free entertainment. 

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